Roses are red OR The bad valentine

20180420_131817Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
“I brought you (bad) chocolates
They taste (like a shoe) great!”

Roses are red.
Trees can be green.
“I’m allergic to chocolate,
So, you know… I mean…”

Roses are red.
Fireflies glow.
“Oh. I’m so sorry, I just…
I just didn’t know.”

Roses are red,
Or so I hear tell.
“Oh man…
This isn’t going very well.”

Roses are red.
A train can be a freighter.
“Oh look (finally)
Here comes the waiter!”

Roses are red.
Hockey requires a puck.
“You know, everything
On this menu just sucks.”

Roses are red.
Is this a ballad?
“You know, I think I’ll just
Have the salad.”

Roses are red.
Probably a ballad.
(“A salad? A salad!?
Who the hell gets a salad?)

Roses are red.
Fish swim in a lake.
“You know, I think
I’ll just get the steak.”

Roses are red.
Cherries come in a pair.
“And how would you like that?”
“Oh, medium rare.”

Roses are red,
And the first shall be last.
Valentine looks,
Mouth open, aghast.

Roses are red.
“I thought that you said
You were vegetarian?”

Roses are red.
Last year, Tom Petty died.
“Yes, well, I’m afraid
That I lied.”

Roses are red.
Spray paint is black.
Valentine left
Before the waiter came back.

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